Let’s Get Acquainted

Welcome to whatistender.co.uk, my uniquely designed website which concentrates on the world of finance. By visiting this website, you will find a wealth of finance related information including articles, recommendations and good quality content. My hopes are that you will be encouraged by your visit to learn more about the thrilling world of finance and, most importantly, understand how this often complicated, but equally exciting, world can benefit you personally.

The Person Behind whatistender.co.uk

Let me introduce myself; My name is Lisa Bridges and I live in the thriving capital of London in the UK. I feel privileged every time I step outside my front door, knowing that I reside in one of the most progressive and culturally diverse cities in the world. London is a thriving hub for all financial professionals, and I’m proud to be a part of such an industry. I am a qualified Financial Analyst for a company based in London, and it is here where I am solely responsible for providing analytic services to small and medium businesses. My goal, in both my job and in my life, is to help everyone access better quality statistics and information which can help them plan their financial future with ease. I do this by imparting with all my financial knowledge and advice that I have amassed over the years.

How This All Came to Be

I suppose you could say that finance is in my blood! My father is my role model, as it was him who encouraged me to enter this fascinating profession. I grew up watching him working his hardest in the banking sector. Though some of his days were stressful, his hunger and thirst for financial knowledge far outweighed any difficult times. My father cherished his career and, over many decades, helped a lot of business and individuals with their banking problems. I knew from very early on that I too would find myself working in finance, though in what sector I wasn’t initially sure, but I did know that I would ultimately be helping others, just as my father had done before me.

The Benefits of Using This Website

After leaving school, I went to an economic college and, after graduating, I was honoured to land my dream role as a Financial Analyst. It was because of such a solid background that I can offer my help to others who are interested in learning more about the finance industry. I can do this successfully through the creation of whatistender.co.uk. My years of working with varied companies of all sizes, to offer the information they require to succeed, has given me the confidence to offer the same advice and guidance to anybody who is seeking quality content on the Internet. I believe this website will be your bookmark for all finance related issues, topics and subjects as I continue with its ongoing development.

What to Expect From whatistender.co.uk

For all visitors to this website, I can offer you the chance to become involved in a financial community. This is a place where anybody interested in absolutely anything finance related can come together and offer their expertise and share their well-informed advice with one another. This website is not just for the experts or the professionals, who have extensive knowledge of the finance sector, this is also a place for those with little or no financial awareness, who are perhaps looking to change that and acquire such knowledge.

Above all, I hope to be able to reach a wide captivating audience who want to know more about how finance works and how the right financial products and services could improve their circumstances, whether as a business or individual, for the better. If this sounds like the place you could gain beneficial financial guidance from, then I hope you will join me for the exciting journey that lays ahead.