Get Involved in The Hot-Desking Revolution

If your building has an adequately sized empty room, hot-desking may just be your profitable solution!

What does the term hot-desking mean to you? For many who have never come across it before, no, it doesn’t mean someone’s desk is especially hot; it is simply a general term used to define a more modern and accessible way of working in the twenty-first century!

What is Hot-Desking?

Hot-desking encourages a worker to sample a wide range of office environments, whilst allowing them access to a better overall working experience. Favoured by the more creative career options, such as writers, illustrators and graphic designers, hot-desking typically involves a person paying for a small number of hours to access a reputable office with a guaranteed chair, desk and internet access provided. Seen as a way of getting out of the home, or accessing a more productive working environment around similar creative minds, hot-desking is firmly becoming a favourite amongst freelancers or those self-employed.

How Do I Become a Hot-Desking Provider?

Quite simply, to start a hot-desking service, all you need to begin with is a large empty room, with adequate heating and lighting and an option to house a good number of desks and chairs. The ideal conditions are:

  • A large office with a few large desks and several smaller desks. Provide a good amount of areas, leaving adequate space for manoeuvre.
  • A chair, desk space, charging facility and internet access are the fundamental requirements a person expects when hot-desking.
  • Practical rates for hot-deskers to purchase with ease, preferably by time increments, and a variety of payment options.
  • Ease of accessibility to the building including available car parking or bike racks.
  • Preferred optional items including, drinks and food facilities and photocopying facilities that can be paid for.

What to Think About When Offering Hot-Desking Services

Though it may be a good way to generate income, beginning a hot-desking venture is just the start of the journey. If your venture is to be successful, it may need a certain member, or even members, of your own staff to oversee the running of it to succeed. Paying customers will expect to access the services you offer with ease:

  • Do you need a point of contact in case any problems arise? Who can hot-deskers turn to when they have an issue with the services?
  • Who oversees maintenance, and who is on hand to solve any technical issues such as the internet going down?
  • Who will be responsible for the administrative side of bookings?
  • Who will generate the publicity for your venture and continue to keep it producing an income?
  • Will you need to outsource your venture, or can it be done in-house?

Getting it Right First Time

If you have the resources to offer hot-desking solutions, the financial advantages far outweigh any difficulties you may come up against. This is a perfect option for large buildings that may have a couple of floors currently vacant, which could be attracting an income on. Perhaps you own a modern warehouse with great travel links, which could be converted to offer hot-desking solutions to a huge number of people? If you already have the makings of an office, which only needs the bare minimum of work before it can be let out to legal standards, this is a viable solution to generate some much-needed income for a currently empty space.

Before You Begin Your Venture

Start with some research as to whether there is a demand for hot-desking in your area, and consider whether current hot-deskers would be willing to use the services you are prepared to offer. Look at connecting with your local community’s current freelancers and self-employed to gain some overall feedback as to what they would expect to see from you if you were to invite them to use your facilities.

Become A Local Innovator

Best of all, if you can’t find any evidence of hot-desking availability in your area, you may have just have found your company a new niche; allowing you to go out and create your own publicity, claiming the title of being the first in the area to offer this up and coming method of working.

If you have an area in your building that is sat empty, can you really afford not to be a part of the next best alternative working method?