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As good as I am with figures, I didn’t quite expect this website to reach a record number of 11,800 unique visitors per month! I have worked hard to ensure this a website where like-minded individuals can come together to find the relevant content they wish to access. I have also continued to ensure those new to financial matters feel valued as they browse through this website for help and guidance. With such a huge proportion of monthly traffic, there is obviously a demand for the high quality and engaging material that such a website as offers, and I would like for you personally to get involved. Have a read through the following information and, if you feel you would like to contribute to my blog, contact me in the form below.

How you can contribute to

All it takes to be able to submit a guest post to my blog is an original and creative idea which you know will relate to the thousands of visitors who use this sight as a valuable source of financial information. I am not looking for a skilled writer or proofreader, I simply want your expertise in the subject you propose to write about. If you can offer an intelligent and informative piece of writing, I am willing to overlook the little niggles such as spelling and grammar. It is your knowledge which I am interested in, not how you structure your paragraphs!

I also don’t mind if you are qualified in the subject you write about or not. The intention of creating good quality blog posts is to share and impart what you know, or may have found out through time, with those readers who are on the lookout for such knowledge.

Examples of The Topics I Am Interested in Accepting Guest Posts About

Though this is not an exhaustive list, it does give potential writers a general idea of what subjects are discussed throughout However, if you feel the website could benefit from other similar categories, I would be open to further suggestions:

  • Banking System
  • Business Topics
  • Medium and Big Business
  • Small Business
  • Financial Topics
  • Credits and Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Investment Ideas
  • Money Making Ideas
  • Stock Trading
  • Global Economy
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Online Marketing

For further guidance, this is a small list of article titles that I have noticed seem to be the most widely sought after on this website:

  • Is remote working a viable substitute for working in the company offices?
  • As a medium sized business, would I be better to buy or lease my company cars?
  • FOREX for beginners.
  • What can companies learn from Google and Facebook’s business plans?
  • Has the glass ceiling finally been shattered in the finance industry?
  • Is Uber’s time coming to an end?

The Audience You Will Be Writing For

The audience to this website vary greatly. From business owners to individuals, and from those with vast financial knowledge to those with little understanding of financial terms, the audience you write for here at is vast! This does make it more interesting and varied, allowing for a more broader range of blog post ideas. However, all visitors to this website do share one common goal; to find the most concise knowledge they can regarding anything financially related. Anything that you can offer them in the way of an informative piece of writing is exactly what I’m looking for.

All Website Contributions Are Acknowledged

When you write for my website, not only can you be assured of an intelligent and receptive audience of 11,800 plus, but you also get to put your name out there at the same time! For every blog post which is contributed to, I assure the individual writer that they will be fully acknowledged for their piece. I do this by linking a small bio next to your post, which allows you to offer the readers as much, or even as little, information as you personally prefer! From the basics of your name to adding a couple of your social media account links, this is my way to thank you for your contribution towards this website, and hopefully it will derive some results for you personally.

Submitting A Guest Blog Post to This Website

Finally, you may be wondering how you can write and publish your post here at This is perhaps the easiest part of all, and I have designed the guest blog post section as a hassle-free process for all who contribute towards the blog. Despite working with some of the greatest minds in the world of finance, I am acutely aware of how off-putting people tend to find the submission process on some websites, with many refusing to post to them for fear of getting it wrong. I personally feel that submitting a guest post should be one of the more easier tasks on a website. That’s why I first suggest contacting me, just by dropping me a simple line, I can confirm if your idea will have a place on the website. I will then provide you with further instructions on how to submit! As you see, it couldn’t be easier!

With so many visitors flocking to this website, I am looking for more guest blog posters to contribute something of real value to this community. Never has there been a better time than now to get your written words of expertise and guidance in front of thousands upon thousands of readers. With a huge audience hungry for knowledge, I would love you to join me and offer your wisdom to this website, so we can all have access to good quality financial help and guidance. In turn, your blog post could just be the most crucial piece an individual has been searching for, or maybe one that a business is looking to recommend. By working together to create valuable content through this website, we will able be helping one another; and that is exactly what my job is all about.