Can you save money vaping?

Certain habits hurt one’s pockets and dig major holes in their bank accounts. It is thus only natural for one to consider the financial implications of their preferred activities. We will be considering how vaping as a replacement for smoking can help one save more money. We will also be considering ways of saving money while vaping below.  However, click here if you need additional info on the topic.

Vaping as a money-saving alternative for smoking

The financial implications of switching from smoking to vaping has been argued in different circles. We will be making a case study of the financial implications of these similar activities based on the current prices of the products.

The average price of a pack of cigarettes is about $6 in the US. The cost of smoking generally depends on one’s consumption, whether half a pack a day, one pack a day or two packs per day. Persons that consume half a pack of cigarettes per day spend about $1,200 per year on smoking. Persons that consume a pack of cigarettes per day spend about $2,500 on smoking every year. Persons that consume two packs of cigarettes per day spend about $5,000 per year on smoking. One would agree that even $1,000 is a lot of money to spend on an activity that is known more for its negative effects.

Vaping, on the other hand, requires products and supplies. According to a study carried out by NHS in the UK, persons with a regular five-day vaping habit spend about £75 on products and supplies every month. This makes up about £900 per year. Persons with lighter vaping habits will typically spend less money on products and supplies. This study also stated that when compared according to the habits, vaping costs about a quarter of smoking. It has also been stated that one disposable e-cigarette can serve one for the period two or three packs of cigarettes will do.

How to save money when vaping

Even though vaping has been established as a cheaper and safer habit than smoking, it is still important to consider ways one can specifically save money while vaping. Some of the tips for saving money on vaping products and supplies are shared below.

Monitor use of e-liquid

Expenses on e-liquid are recurrent vaping expenses that can be monitored and adjusted to save money. To save money on vaping, one can strictly monitor the quantity of e-liquid they use over a period and make necessary adjustments as well as fix leakages to stay within a reasonable budget.

Buy products and supplies online

As regards vaping products and supplies, online shipping is the cost-effective way to go. This is because one can carry out necessary comparison and research to get the best available offer. It has also been proven that there are better offers for vaping products and supplies online than offline.

Stick with a preferred e-cigarette

Although choosing an e-cigarette can be tricky, it is important to carry out proper research, find a preferred option instead of buying several options to incur lower vaping expenses. This tip is especially important for first-time vapers who may want to test several e-cigarettes. Instead, stick to a preferred brand to save more money.

Vaping is a cost-effective alternative to smoking and can be more cost-effective if proper saving habits are adopted.