I created as a platform for offering my financial services to those interested in accessing my expertise, alongside offering visitors an area where they could access a wide range of articles, posts and recommendations regarding anything finance related. When I began creating the website, I did not foresee this as being a place which would eventually attract a huge amount of traffic. So, when I hit the 11,800-unique monthly visitor mark, I soon realised there was potential in this website, not just for its visitors, but for businesses as well.

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As the finance industry covers a vast area, I know that there are an abundance of businesses and individuals still waiting to showcase that perfect product or service to customers who need financial related items. If you know that your business would benefit greatly from reaching out to such people as this, please get in touch with me as soon as possible to immediately begin capitalising on the many benefits of advertising on the website.

This website’s popularity is steadily increasingly with every month that passes, and I know that each visitor would love to see more tailored made advertisements that relate to their own circumstances. There is therefore a huge potential for businesses to reach out to these thousands of visitors and showcase their own products and services.

By placing an advertisement on the website, you will have instant access to a varied audience who are just waiting to see what you can offer them. I want every visitor that clicks on to have instant access to as many financially based products and services as is possible, and I would love to be able to include your business in my recommendations. If you feel this way of advertising would generate further leads for your company, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss an advertising package.

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Having worked with figures most of my life, I am often astounded at the cost of running an advertising campaign! Not only is it a huge expensive, there are also timely factors to consider such as finding your target market and then ensuring your product will be of relevance to them. What surprised me most, as I was beginning this website, was how simple a task it was to organise advertising space for businesses who approached me. At just a fraction of the costs involved in employing the services of advertising agencies, when you buy ad space on a successful and fully established website with the right target audience, there is hardly any work involved at all in the process! If your product is related to the finance industry in any way, or you know my visitors would benefit from hearing about your company, then I could introduce you to a ready-made audience who are just waiting to see what you can offer them.

Anything you can showcase that will improve visitor’s knowledge, finances, aid their daily routines, or just make their lives that little bit easier, would be highly appreciated by this progressive financial community. Take a few minutes to look around the site and get a feel for the type of place that we are. Have a look at the other types of advertisements that are currently running on the website and make up your own mind about their effectiveness, getting an idea of how your company name would look in its place! If your business could benefit from getting its name in front of 11,800 people per month, then I can recommend as the most cost-effective decision you will ever make regarding your advertising choices.