5 Potential Small Business Prospects for Busy Parents

When a family becomes bigger, parents may want to spend as much time with their child/children as they can. This often gets in the way of their career goals, so many people switch to home-based jobs. However, you can go further and start a small home-based business. It will provide you with sufficient finances and time to spend with your family.

So, recall all the skills you got, put your baby into a pack and play with bassinet to keep him or her entertained, and consider the following business prospects for busy parents.

Technical Business

If either you or the other parent has a proper skillset and a document to prove it (either a bachelor’s/master’s diploma or a course certificate), designing websites or developing apps may become the thing. It may be time-consuming at first, but once you get a reputation and a couple of employees, you can graduate to a manager and only be busy looking for clients.


Given you’re at home for your child, consider getting him or her some company. Start with the neighborhood, maybe there are people who need to leave their children with someone while at work or on a business trip. The difficult part is that some regions require special day care licensing, but if you get it and order some of the best pack n play playards, you’ll be able to grow a good business.


If one of the parents is good at tailoring, the other can take up ordering materials and promoting the family small business. While creating a stable client base, you can do everything yourself, but when the business rise and you feel like you’re always busy, make sure to hire a person who can help you.


If you can make a beautiful and useful souvenir out of anything, consider the idea of opening your own online shop. You can create something baby-related if you like. In case both parents get tired enough from all the baby stuff, choose any other specialty. A great deal of talent and a little bit of promotion will do the thing.

Online Classes

Are you good at math, physics, or English? Try tutoring online by creating a profile on a job searching website of your choice. Create a page on any social media to do some PR, start with appealing prices per lesson or course, and teach as many people as you find convenient. Considering a business development prospect, you can hire other online teachers to substitute you, having some percentage from every lesson they do.

These are some basic but proven ideas that helped dozens of families get their businesses off the ground.